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Arthur Nelson Patrick is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Avondale College of Higher Education, Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia.

After graduating from Avondale (Diploma of Theology and Teaching, 1956; Bachelor of Arts, Theology, 1957), he began intermittent graduate study while engaged in parish ministry in New Zealand (1958 to 1967). Interaction with Adventist congregations intensified his sense of need to better understand Seventh-day Adventist history and thought by further study in the United States of America.

After ministry in the State of Illinois, he completed an MA degree in Systematic Theology and a Master of Divinity degree at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA, plus a Doctor of Ministry degree at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis (1973).

Thereafter Patrick lectured in the Faculty of Theology at Avondale (1974-1983), concurrently directed the Ellen G. White/Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre on the Avondale campus (1976-1983), served as Registrar of the College (1984-1991) except when he was Interim Senior Pastor of the College Church (1988) and on study leave (1989).

Further study at the University of New England (MLitt, completed 1984) and the University of Newcastle (PhD, completed 1992) nurtured Patrick’s interest in Adventist Studies within the context of Australian religious history. For almost five years another passion (Clinical Pastoral Education) facilitated his role as Senior Chaplain at Sydney Adventist Hospital (Wahroonga, New South Wales), before two years as a visiting professor of Church History and Pastoral Ministry at La Sierra University in California.

Since his official retirement (1998), Patrick has volunteered for various tasks that support the mission of the church in general and Avondale College of Higher Education in particular, including the co-supervision of PhD students.

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  2. While I never met Dr. Patrick personally, through his website and papers on sdanet.org I have felt close to him. He was full of grace and truth. My condolences to his family. We have so few men of his ilk in the SDA church. John Gilmore. Asheville, North Carolina USA

  3. That is so right. Arthur’s was a needed moderate and tempering influence in Adventist circles. March 8, 2013 he passed away.

    You will notice that Post #100, his “last post,” is dated March 3. Number 99 was posted on February 27 and #98 on February 26.

    He had invited me to critique his post #6 and thus provide a link to my website on Daniel and Revelation, which is still under construction. Around that time I had emailed to him some of my findings on the connection between Ellen White and John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Not knowing that he would do this, from his hospital bed he went ahead and posted it on this website. So, the dates and nature of those last posts, and the length of his post #100, with his latest notes, all indicate his continuing activity and interest despite his hospitalization and debilitating condition.

    His February 28 email to me with “See you in the morning” and his March 4 “Be of good cheer my brother” are a reflection of his courage and faith as the embers of his glowing life were fading.

    More than a theologian and a historian, Arthur was a pastor to the end.

    In both life and in death he found a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God.

    I thank God for his life and work, and for the reunion . . . in the morning.

    Angus McPhee

  4. Dr. Arthur Patrick left a great impression on us both when he taught us during the mid-seventies at Avondale. We are saddened to hear of his recent passing, and wish his family our condolences and God’s healing love at this time.
    Pr. Bill and Lynne Blundell.

  5. I’m glad to see more activity on this site. I’ve archieved all his posts to my computer. Many of them have been printed out over the years. His work in Adventist studies has helped me ;unite the Adventist church’s history and her theology of message and mission

  6. I was privileged to meet Arthur Patrick on a Sabbath in November 2011 at Avondale. I was there as editor of “Who Cares?” (www.whocaresnewsletter.org) to meet LGBT people on campus and talk with staff members about LGBT issues on campus. Dr Patrick and his wife joined us for the pot-luck lunch after church, was most gracious and helpful. He mentioned that he had spent many days as host and guide to my father-in-law, Dr Elden Chalmers, when he had visited Australia to preach and lecture back in the 80s and that they were kindred spirits. This web site is such a treasure-trove of wisdom and knowledge for us who continue to prepare for the coming of the King!

  7. I would just like to pay tribute to Dr. Arthur Patrick for the gracious way he gave up numerous Sundays during the years 1976-1979 to allow me access to the Ellen White Research Centre at Avondale College, NSW Australia to research for my book “Ellett J. Waggoner: the Myth and the Man (Fallbrook, Calif. 1979).

    We have bumped into each other a few times over the 34 years since, the last being at a re-enactment in 2010 of my grandfather and his brother’s rowboat journey from Victoria to Sydney, NSW to enrol at Avondale College in 1914. He was on his way to an Ellen White Conference in the US and we were going to hook up when he returned. In the meantime I contracted lung cancer, and the meeting was postponed.

    I was very saddened to hear of his passing on March 8, but heartened to read his last post. This gentle soul will be sorely missed by me, and I suspect by many others touched by this gentle scholar.

    David P. McMahon
    Sydney, Australia.

  8. A true gentleman, a true man of God – Arthur was a marvellous mentor to me while working with him as a Chaplain at Sydney Adventist Hospital. I watched him in action and saw how he gently treated the hurting, the sick and the insane. He taught me so much and urged me on to take my place with equal opportunities as a woman chaplain in the Adventist church. I saw him in action as a true pastor and his gracious, accepting and loving manner endeared him to all of us – staff and patients alike. He has continued to mentor me as a church leader and member and discouraged me from giving up when I was tempted to do so. I am sad to lose his support and friendship yet feel honoured and privileged to have known him.

  9. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Patrick in 2011 at Avondale, he left a lasting impression on me. His wealth of knowledge and sympathetic approach to contentious issues are exemplary. The Adventist church needs more men like him

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  11. A poucos anos conheci o trabalho do Dr. Arthur Patrick, que imensa alegria foi ler seu material e perceber que muitas das impressões que tinha em minha mente como um simples pesquisador leigo faziam sentido. O seu post número 100 foi uma despedida clássica, algo único, com elegância e conceito sólido, ele conseguiu demonstrar que nossos erros do passado poderiam ser concertados e que como necessitamos repensar nosso presente e futuro. Sua visão de moderação realmente é um alívio na polarização que nos encontramos, como seria bom se os líderes e membros tivessem tais cuidados e como seria bom se nossas posições fossem mais cordiais. Talvez seu legado possa ajudar a uma geração de adventistas que estão cansados de algumas correntes que acabam nos prendendo. Que o site possa permanecer firme durante os anos posteriores, este é meu desejo vindo de um simples e leigo pesquisador do Brasil.

    1. Arthur Patrick was and still a treasure for our church. May his work continue to bless us and future generations. Thank you leandro hn for your gracious comments about this noble man.

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