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To understand the tone and content of this website, the reader is invited to click on the Archives for September 2011 (right hand column) and read two posts, “Adventist Studies: Exploring Adventist History and Thought,” dated 3 September 2011, and “Getting Started with Adventist Studies,” dated 11 September 2011.

Here is a chronological list of the documents on this website, adventiststudies.com.

September 2011 (3)

04/09 Adventist Studies: Exploring Adventist History and Thought

07/09 About the Author/Moderator

11/09 Getting Started with Adventist Studies

October 2011 (12)

08/10 Understanding the Book of Revelation

08/10 Valentine on Ellen White and Adventist Leaders

08/10 Aboriginal Australians and Adventists

08/10 The Dead Sea Scrolls, Adventists and the Bible

09/10 Struggle Over Ellen White’s Writings

10/10 Rolf J. Poehler Coming to Australia

21/10 So it is October 22, again!

23/10 Primary Sources and Completed Research on the Internet

24/10 Understanding Daniel 8:14 and the Judgment

25/10 “The Ellen White Project”

28/10 Fresh Analysis of the Controversial 1919 Bible Conference

Novemeber 2011 (12)

01/11 Thirty Years of Alden Thompson’s Research

03/11 The Adventist Concept of Mission: A Preliminary Overview

04/11 The Ordination of Women: Toward an Historical Perspective

05/11 Poetry and Religion: Joseph Greig, Henry Lawson, John Donne and More

07/11 How I Drifted Into Adventist Studies/Ellen White Studies

08/11 A Spotlight on Ellen White, 1980-2004

09/11 Diversification: Engaging With Adventist Studies Since 2005

10/11 Encircling Gloom, Kindly Light: Seeing Glacier View with the Lantern of History

17/11 Waggoner and 1888: An Excellent Biography

18/11 More on the Ellen White Project: Portland and Beyond

21/11 Moore is in Oz: Here is his light on an Adventist Trouble

25/11 Top Ten Reasons for Gratitude in Adventism in 2011

December 2011 (7)

01/12 Apocalyptic, Adventism and America

03/12 Thanking God for Scientists That I Know

11/12 The Wesleys and the Background of Adventism

17/12 William Tyndale, the Sword and the Word

22/12 Norman Young: Christmas Through the Eyes of aNew Testament Exegete

25/12 Whither Adventist Studies: Several Doctoral Dissertations Point the Way

31/12 “The State of the Dead” and Faith, Hope and Love

January 2012 (6)

16/01 When Seventh-day Adventists Agreed on Their Name

16/01 The Sanctuary/Investigative Judgment, 1844-2008: A Short, Documented History of an Adventist Teaching

25/01 From Archbishop Ussher to Ellen White

30/01 Ussher, Adventists and the Age of the Earth

31/01 Sources for the Study of Adventism: Magazines, Journals and Websites

February 2012 (4)

01/02 Defending and Seeking the Truth

02/02 Radiocarbon Dating, Adventists and the Age of the Earth

03/02 Genesis, the Jewish Bible and Adventist Studies

08/02 From Radiocarbon Dating to the Volcanic Soils of New Zealand

10/02 “Educational Events” at Avondale College of Higher Education

March 2012 (8)

02/03 Adventists and the Message of Salvation

02/03 “The Night is Far Spent”: Toward a Glacier View Balance Sheet

10/03 Salvation: Courage to Face the Tough Stuff

10/03 Landmarks, the Message of the Third Angel of Salvation

16/03 Perennial Crisis: The Aftermath of 1888

16/03 Interpreting 1888, 1950-1980:Thirty Years of Adventist War

16/03 Exploring Adventist Identity: “Who is the Seventh-day Adventist?”

16/03 More on the Ordination of Women

April 2012 (4)

06/04 Homosexuality in Pastoral Perspective: Notes on a Continuing Conversation

17/04 The Cooranbong Airport and Adventist Aviation

20/04 Adventism as an Apocalyptic/Millenarian Movement

27/04 Authority in Seventh-day Adventism

May 2012 (4)

18/5 Post 59, John Harvey Kellogg: Innovator and Crisis Maker

24/5 Post 60, Church Planting and the “How to” of Adventist Mission

24/5 Post 61, Exploring 1888, its context, content and aftermath

25/5 Post 62, The Proposal to Change Adventist Fundamental 6 (Creation)

29/5 Post 63, The Unpublished Writings of Ellen White: An Adventist “WikiLeak” Event

June 2012 (1)

3/6 Post 64, More from “Unpublished Ellen White”: Is the initiative ethical?

July 2012 (2)

13/7 Post 65, Revamped Adventist Study Centre to expand research capacity of church

31/7 Post 66, The Essence of Avondale: “A View from the Ridge”

August 2012 (8)

11/8 Post 67, Poehler, Continuity and Change in Adventist Thought

11/8 Post 68, Brief, Published Report on Dr Rolf J. Poehler’s Doctoral Thesis

15/8 Post 69, A Sanitarium and a Hospital in Sydney: Why?

17/8 Post 70, Robert Daniel Brinsmead: A Reflection After Fifty-seven Years

17/8 Post 71, Women’s Ordination: Are we reaching a tipping point?

17/8 Post 72, Communion: Facets of a Diamond

22/8 Post 73, Fundamentalism and Adventism: After Controversy, Growing Understanding

28/8 Post 74, Women’s Ordination in Humour and Union Sessions

September 2012 (6)

2/9 Post 75, Ellen White and Conservatism: Dr Lester Devine’s Research

5/9 Post 76, A Noteworthy Thesis by Michael Chamberlain on Avondale College and Ellen White

5/9 Post 77, Ellen White’s Antipodean Exile: Reflections on Her Australian Years

6/9 Post 78, Twenty-five Years After Glacier View: Using the Lantern of History, Anticipating a Brighter Future

13/9 Post 79 The Summit, the Book and the Record: Ellen White in the Ongoing Adventist Conversation

30/9 Post 80, Michael Chamberlain’s PhD thesis, the “case” and a new book by Ken Crispin

October 2012 (1)

17/10 Post 81, Keepers of the Flame or Preservers of the Ashes

November 2012 (3)

3/11 Post 82, The Whole of Scripture and Adventism: An Enormous Challenge

28/11 Post 83, The Relevance of Ellen White’s Writings for Contemporary Adventist Life, Thought, Identity and Mission

29/11 Post 84, Eight Years in the Ellen G. White/Seventh=day Adventist Research Centre That Servers the South Pacific Division: Some Random Recolections

December 2012 (5)

13/12 Post 85, Symbolising the Writings of Ellen White

17/12 Post 86, Senior scholars contribute to Avondale’s research output

18/12 Post 87, A Christmas Thought by Dr Norman Young

20/12 Post 88, Alexander the Great and Adventist Biblical Interpretation

29/12 Post 89, Reviewing Adventism in 2012, with help from Adventist Today

January 2013 (8)

9/01 Post 90, Living with cancer as an Adventist: My first nineteen years

21/01 Post 91, Narratives Suggesting An Adventist Worldview: Number 1, “The Angel’s Push”

22/01 Post 92, Another Narrative Illustrating How Their World-view Influences the Way Adventists Tell Their Personal Stories: “Does the Mountain Understand?”

23/01 Post 93, Third in the Series: “Called at the Blackbutt Tree”

25/01 Post 94, Adventist Studies Since 1986: Fractious Adolescent or Maturing Adult

25/01 Post 95, Andrews University After 36 Years

28/01 Post 96, God, Christian World-views and Adventist Thought

31/01 Post 97, Fresh Light on William Miller and his Bible study

February 2013 (2)

26/02 Post 98, Ellen White’s inspiration in view of her use of the writings of John Milton

27/02 Post 99, Arthur Patrick and Angus McPhee on Revelation

March 2013 (1, my last post)

03/03 Post 100, AUSTRALASIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS AND 1980: Toward an Historical Perspective and the Normalization of Relationships

Arthur Patrick

5 Replies to “About this site”

  1. I continue to enjoy your papers. It is the online documents from the GC that has been a bleesing to me by making many first-hand sources available.

  2. What a joy this website will be as I work my way through the different articles. Thank you to Helen for bringing it to my attention.
    Arthur’s thoughts and writings will continue to be a blessing to many in the years ahead as they have in years past.

  3. kurtJanuary 5, 2006 I am disappointed with your reivew of the church. It seems you are not rating the church, but rating the denomination. Also it seems you went in this church with preconceived ideas instead with an open mind. But I do find your evaluation not helpful in terms of the church itself, except that you don’t agree with women as Pastors.

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